IRI for Windows

It was always quite a pain to get IRI running in Windows. This is a shame, since lots of people are using Windows. With this simple guide it should be easy for everyone to run an IOTA IRI node.

IRI and snappy compression

If you try to download the current IRI release and run it on Windows you'll encounter some problems.

You can try to sync from scratch, but this way it's practically impossible to get synced. Another option is to use an existing snapshot database to kickstart your node. If you download an available database (from e.g. or IRI playbook) it's impossible to use them on Windows because of compression errors.

Patched IRI for W64

The problem is the used underlying database RocksDB. To workaround this, I made a custom IRI build with a correct version of RocksDB (customized 5.18.3 and Windows snappy support). With this version you can download a spent-addresses DB created on Linux and use it on a Windows machine. Since I don't think it's possible to merge these changes in official IRI (custom RocksDB build), I'll provide it here:

I compile a new version when needed (i.e. for each major release, or when new Windows tweaks are necessary). If you have any questions, PM me in Discord @niels12.

Latest compilation: iri-1.8.2-RELEASE-W64.jar

Setting up a node in W10

If you're interested in an example of setting up an IRI node in Windows 10, please read further.


Monitor your node

Public node

I hope you liked this guide, and can now successfully run an IOTA IRI node in Windows.

Old versions:

Changelog: block --remote-limit-api also in proxy (check X-Forwarded-For header), based on current latest dev-branch.

Changelog: first W64 compilation, based on 1.6.1 master.